Unsere Tänze :

                  After Midnight                           Coastin`

                  Electric Slide                            Good Time

                  Cut A Rug                                Neon Moon Cha Cha (Partnertanz)

                  Country Walkin`                       Pizziricco

                  Reet Petite                               Toes

                  Chattahoochee                         Flying Eights

                  Canadian Stomp                      Hooked on Country    Wo

                  Irish Stew                                 Copperhead Road

                  DHSS                                       Summer Fly

                  Cowboy Strut                           Urban Living

                  Hearts and Flowers                 Cowgirl`s Twist

                  The Trail                                  Hallelujah

                  Chill Factor                              Something in the Water

                  Rita`s Waltz                             Cajun Slap

                  Duelling Dancers                     Alamo

                  Tush Push                               Black Coffee

                  Ease Up (Kontratanz)             Jacob`s Ladder

                  Marty Strut                              Kid Rock Alabama

                  Rose Garden                          Clickety Clack

                  H-Stein 2011                           Sugar Kane                                     

                  Chica Boom Boom                  Cowboy Cha Cha (Partnertanz)                           

                  God Blessed Texas                 The Gambler            

                  Ghost Train                             Open Heart Cowboy                                                      

                  Just A Minute                          Girls Gone Wild                       

                  Jai`du Boogie                          Wake Me Up                            

                  Rose A Lee                             Knee Deep

                  Michael Jackson Shuffle         Day Job            

                  Bomshel Stomp                      Dakota Jump

                  Doctor Doctor                         Tears On A Highway

                  Friday Yet                               Blue Night Cha                           

                  Country Boy                           Fais Do Do

                  Lost In Me                              Fifty Two Beers Ago

                  Galway Girls                          Power (Kontratanz) 

                  Burning Love                          Wave On Wave 

                  Junkie-Joint                            Honey Pot

                  Crusin`                                    Better Times

                  Timber                                    Cotton Eye Joe (Circledance)

                  Water                                      The Galway Gathering

                  Five Minutes (Paartanz)         P3

                  Walk Of Life                            Loreley

                  Driven                                     All Shook Up                  

                  The Story Of My Life              Af En Af

                  Pink Stilettos                          Country & High Heels

                  Sugar & Pai                            Bossa Nova

                  Tag On                                    Somebody Like You

                  Short Time                              We Only Live Once

                  Hickory Lake                           Priority

                  Thanks To You                        Jamboree

                  Hold                                        Leaving Of Liverpool

                  Go Shanty                              A Devil In Disguise

                  Aligator Rock                          Southern Streamline

                  Workaholic                             Greater Than Me

                  Sailor Boy                              Anything For Love

                  Askin` Questions                   Mamma Maria

                  Texas Stomp                          Little Princess

                  Cowboy Up                            Rock Around The Clock

                  Untamed                                Celtic Na La

                  Peter Pan                               Fine

                  You Ain`t Dolly                       Head Over Boots

                  Dart                                        Lonely Drum

                  We`ve Got Time                     Baby`s  Gone

                  Texas Hero                            Hey Boss

                  Better Days                            Triple C

                  A Girl To Remember              Down On Your Uppers

                  1929                                      Boot  Scootin` Boogie (neu)

                  Together Again                      Holly`s Church

                  Catane`                                 Hillbilly Girl

                  The Boat To Liverpool           Gypsy Queen

                  Don`t Look Good Naked       On Air

                  Beeswing                              Anthem

                  Three Teachers                     Desirable

                  Graffiti Baby                          New Tatoo

                  Working Time                        Long Pride

                  16 Bars                                  Rainy Night

                  Good Day To Run                 Priscilla

                  Sweet Dummy                      Mud On The Tires

                  Wiggle Freeze                      Honey Sweet Honey

                  Cherry Bomb